LOST = Best Show Ever (Argue if you dare)
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Okay, so the LOST series finale was technically last night and blew my mind. The ending was perfect for what it was and made sense with the information given ("'alternate realities' implies one of them is wrong.") Without giving too much away, I would like to state some things for the record.
We never found out many, many things, such as MiB's real name, why pregnant women die on the island, where the food that falls from the sky comes from, and who was shooting at them when they were traveling through time. But what I really wanted to know from the finale of the showwas given: what happens to all of the characters. And that was brilliantly done. I don't care who is frustrated by the ending or thinks that it was a cop out. I've known for a long time that they would never answer all of the questions and instead continued watching to see the characters develop. And develop they did.
Also, on the topic of characters, my favorite character of all time DID NOT DIE!!!! I declare my curse broken! He also was ultimately good and secured his place as my favorite character of all time...until another character comes along to replace him. But I'm not holding my breath for that to happen, just like I'm not holding my breath for another show like LOST to come along anytime soon. I never doubted him for a second and can justify everything he ever did. He was never evil, though he did some evil things, and proved to ultimately be one of (if not) the bravest character on the show as well as one of the purest in motive. He had the same motives at the end as he did at the start: protect the island and save as many people as possible in the process. He surely made a great second in command for his lifetime if not thousands of years. Thank you writers for not killing what could possibly be the greatest character ever written and thank you Michael Emerson for playing him perfectly.
So, in conclusion, LOST is done and so am I. I'm off to bed for it is late here on the east coast. I'm going to let the awesomeness sink in further in my dreams. Goodnight world, and aloha to LOST!!!

Wow...I haven't been on here in forever!!!
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Well hello there livejournal! Long time, no see!

Of course, I did get through my finals. But due to hospitalization and follow up visits, I'm getting even more behind than last semester. Whatever. I'm just really sleep deprived. I think I've gotten an average of 5 hours of sleep in the past few weeks, topped off with a night of almost no sleep at all thanks to a hospital test!!!!

Along with friends and family, LOST is my savior in all of this. The final season is on. And this past episode had such amazing character development for Ben, who is my favorite character of all time, that I would have cried if it hadn't been preceded and followed by humor (Frank's and Sun's faces killed the tragic mood). Ben's really changed over the past few seasons and I'm loving his development more and more. I like characters who are capable of things like manipulation and murder but choose instead, especially over the course of the show/book/movie, to show another more sympathetic side of themselves. They are undoubtedly the most interesting characters from my point of view. My list has several, but Ben Linus undoubtedly tops the list.

Anyway, I would stay on and love my livejournal some more. But homework does call. Aesthetics and Interpretation time!!! But hopefully I'll post again soon.

End of the year
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So it's finals week. Yup, this semester with the workload from hell is coming to a close. But not without first making me feel like total shit and feeling like I can't complete all of my finals. I wanted to be done my poetry portfolio yesterday - I'm still working on it. As for my other paper, I haven't even started it and it's due Friday morning. Now, Friday is several days away, but tomorrow afternoon I'm leaving to go with a friend to her house and I KNOW I won't get any work done once I'm there. So I've got 24 hours to write 15 more pages. I just want to give up.

Last bit
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Alright, so after I kept up with all the tweets per chapter I find out I have to post 40 tweets for the whole book.  Not that I don't mind doing less work, but at the point I'm at, it would be almost as much work to just finish the original assignment.  Almost.  Whatever.

Serious Tweets:
"Call me Ishmael" starts the narrator, who goes to sea when he's depressed.  He decides to go whaling.
He meets Queequeg, a savage, and they quickly become close during their stay in Nantucket.
Ishmael chooses that they both go whaling on the Pequod.
A crazy man named Elijah warns them against going on that ship. 
Ishmael worries because he's never seen the captain, Ahab, when they set sail.
When they finally meet Ahab he has them all take an oath to hunt down Moby Dick with him.
His whole being is set on getting revenge for the whale taking off his leg.
Ishmael has a beautiful rant about how white is the most terrifying color of all in some circumstances.
Ahab at first doesn't want to hunt other whales, but Starbuck convinces him to.
Every ship they encounter that has seen Moby Dick has suffered some loss, a warning to the crew.
Pip falls overboard and believes when he's rescued that he's lost his soul, a bad omen.
Ahab's false leg breaks and he has a new one made by his crew.
Queequeg almost dies of a sickness, has a coffin made, and gets better.  Coffin becomes life preserver.
Ahab makes his own harpoon with the blacksmith's help, calling the devil to bless it. 
Starbuck almost brings himself to kill Ahab, but realizes he can't do it at the last second. 
The Rachel has seen Moby Dick and the captain is searching for his son.  Ahab refuses to help.
Moby Dick is finally seen; the first two days casualties are had and boats are ruined.
Ahab, even after losing his friend Fedallah, still pursues Moby Dick.
Ahab, when he finally harpoons Moby Dick, is pulled into the ocean after him.
Moby Dick causes the Pequod to sink into the ocean and Ishmael is picked up by the Rachel, sole survivor. 

Humorous Tweets:
Ishmael is our narrator.  He's depressed, so he wants to go kill a whale.
He meets Queequeg and they soon become bed-buddies and mates for life.
At the request of Yojo, a wooden idol, Ishmael picks out the Pequod to sail on.  Its captain has mood swings.
A crazy man warns them about the ship's captain, Ahab, before stalking them for a while.
Ishmael gets bad feelings when he hasn't seen the captain when they set off.
Ahab gets everyone so excited that they vow to help him in his insane quest.
Ahab wants to kill the whale, Moby Dick, who maimed him, as if the whale knew what he was doing. 
White is the most terrifying color EVAR!
They hunt other whales cause Starbuck says so.
Many ships also have had bad run-ins with Moby Dick.  Foreshadowing anyone?
Pip falls overboard and can't find himself anymore.  More foreshadowing.
After falling out of the plot, Queequeg almost dies, gets coffin, gets better, coffin -> life preserver.
Ahab worships the devil to kill Moby Dick.  Does anyone have a problem with this?
Starbuck tries to kill mad Ahab, but is too much of a goody two-shoes.  At least he's in heaven.
The Rachel's captain is searching for his son - Ahab couldn't care less.  Bad karma.
Two days of death and destruction in the wake of the White Whale.
Ahab is too set on his goal to give up now.  They're all screwed.
Ahab dies and the Pequod sinks.  Moby Dick is still alive.
Ishmael gets picked up by the Rachel.

More Tweets
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Here are another two rounds of Moby Dick tweets.

Ch. 41
Ishmael wants Moby Dick dead, tells stories of the whale, and explains that Ahab is mad.
Ishmael goes into first AND third person!

Ch. 42
Ishmael tries to explain why Moby Dick being white is more terrifying than any other whale.
Whiteness is apparently terrifying.

Ch. 44
Ishmael describes Ahab's periods of intensity and madness.
Ahab is completely psycho.

Ch. 46
Ishmael describes Ahab's line of thinking.
Ahab did some stupid stuff and now he's paying for it.

Ch. 47
Ishmael talks about fate, free will, and chance in relation to a mat.
Ishmael thinks he's one of the Fates.

Ch. 48
Ishmael goes on his first whale hunt and nearly dies.
Many people almost die cause Starbuck made a mistake.

Ch. 49
Ishmael decides to write his will.
Ishmael thinks his life is a joke.  His life is.

Ch. 50
Ahab got extra people on board so he could hunt whales.
Ahab got around the rules to get what he wanted - he found the elusive loophole.

Ch. 51
They chase whale breaches far out at night and eventually run into bad weather.
Odd things happen at night on the ship.

Ch. 55
Ishmael discusses how one can never accurately draw a whale.
Ishmael piques our curiosity then says, "You'll never know."

Ch. 61
Stubb manages to take down a whale with his crew.
They finally manage to kill a whale.

Ch. 63
Ishmael describes the crotch of the ship and what it's used for.
Ishmael describes "the crotch."

Ch. 64
Stubb orders whale to be cooked for himself and doesn't like how it's cooked.
Sharks and Stubb devour the whale and Stubb forces his cook to preach to sharks.

Ch. 66
Queequeg and another sailor destroy some sharks.
Queequeg hates whatever God made sharks.

Ch. 69
They hold a "funeral" for the whale.
Ishmael believes whale ghosts exist.

Ch. 70
Whale beheading occurs and Ahab is depressed again.
Ahab talks to the dead whale's head.

Ch. 71
They meet up with a very bizarre ship that has seen Moby Dick.
Another Biblical figure is introduced - this time, it's a crazy archangel.

Ch. 72
Queequeg risks his life on teh whale and almost gets nothing but ginger for it.
Ishmael and Queequeg are wedded and bonded together.

Ch. 73
A right whale is killed and stories are told.
Stubb likes telling devil stories and balance returns to the ship.

Ch. 74
Ishmael discusses the differences between right and sperm whales.
Ishmael worships sperm whales.

Ch. 75
Ishmael compares sperm and right whales' heads some more.
Ishmael personifies dead heads.

Ch. 78
Tashtego almost dies and Queequeg saves him.
Tashtego almost dies getting "fragrant sperm."

Ch. 79
Ishmael tries to dissect teh physiognamy of the whale's head.
Sperm whale = God to Ishmael.

Ch. 81
They meet a ship that takes their oil, they kill a whale, and then it sinks.
The Pequod does some stuff that amounts to nothing in the end.

Ch. 82
Ishmael talks about historical whaling figures.
Ishmael is a necrophile for dead whalers.

Ch. 83
Jonah told in modern terms.
The Bible is rationalized.

Ch. 85
A summary of the spouting of sperm whales is given.
Ishmael rambles about the "poisonous" spouts.

Ch. 86
Ishmael describes the tails of whales.
Ishmael has a tail fettish.

Ch. 87
A herd of sperm whales is found before they get chased by angry locals.
Queequeg pets whales.

Ch. 88
Ishmael describes two types of whale schools.
Of Harems and Fraternities.

Ch. 89
Legal talk about dead whale ownership.
Zzzzzz....legal talk.

Round two
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This post consists of Moby Dick tweets part 2.

Ch. 22
They set sail on Christmas and Peleg and Bildad go to shore.
Before casting off, Peleg acts like a sailor and Bildad goes schitzo.

Ch. 23
Ishmael sees a sailor on is ship who just got back from a long voyage.
Ishmael, after seeing a sailor whose feet get burned on dry land, starts rambling.

Ch. 24
Ishmael defends whaling from all arguments of the time saying it's not good.
Ishmael practically worships whaling and will hurt you if you don't agree.

Ch. 25
Ishmael makes one last point for his argument.
Ishmael is hysterical!  "Coronation stuff"

Ch. 26
Ishmael talks about Starbuck and men in general.
Ishmael praises Starbuck like a sea god.

Ch. 27
Ishmael describes Stubb and Flask as well as the rest of the crew.
Ishmael takes too long describing who's who on the ship.

Ch. 28
We meet Ahab, who makes a profound impression on Ishmael.
Ishmael finally sees Ahab and rambles on about how great he is.

Ch. 29
Ahab walks around at night, fights verbally with Stubb and Stubb is amazed at himself for backing down.
Ahab and Stubb are both in a bad mood, fight with words, and Stubb gets so scared of Ahab he backs down.

Ch. 30
Ahab tries to calm down by smoking: it fails and he quits.
Ahab quits smoking!

Ch. 31
Stubb tells Flask about his odd dream after his fight with Ahab.
Stubb learns lessons from his dreams.

Ch. 33
Ishmael describes how a specksynder used to be the captain's equal.
Ishmael glorifies whaling some more and mentions his moody captain.

Ch. 34
Ishmael describes the process of how everyone goes to dinner.
Flask is starving and dough-boy is terrified of everyone, especially the "savages."

Ch. 36
Moby Dick is introduced and hunted, Starbuck doesn't like it, and they all drink.
Starbuck is paranoid and superstitious, the titlular character is introduced, and the crew gets drunk.

Ch. 37
Ahab has a sort of internal monologue that defines his character.
Ahab is emo and poetic: it suits him.

Ch. 38
Starbuck has a soliliquy that's quite dark.
Starbuck is emo and poetic: it does not suit him.

Ch. 39
Stubb has a soliliquy that's very lighthearted.
We find out Stubb is hyper/drunk/psycho.  One of them for sure.

Ch. 40
The sailors have a party, but Pip isn't into it.
Everyone's drunk and having a grand old time except for Pip who's being a spoilsport.

Moby Dick Reading #1
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Alright, so I'm supposed to write two tweets per chapter of Moby Dick while I'm reading it: one serious summary and one humorous summary.  Here goes!

Ch. 1
We meet Ishmael who, when depressed, goes to sea and describes the pull of the sea in all men. He's about to go whaling.
We meet Ishmael and find that he goes sailing and killing whales when depressed. He rambles on for a while.

Ch. 2
Ishmael misses his boat to Nantucket and searches for a cheap place to stay; he finds "The Spouter-Inn."
Ishmael is dirt poor and has to stay in a crummy inn. He rambles some more.

Ch. 3
After long debate, Ishmael decides to stay with an unknown harpooner who turns out to be a "savage." He sleeps there anyway.
After much flip-flopping, Ishmael decides to share another man's bed and, when that man returns, hilarity ensues.

Ch. 4
Ishmael wakes to find Queequeg's arm around him, has a flashback, and watches his roommate get ready for the day.
Ishmael wakes up with his bedmate's arm around him, rambles, and watches his roommate dress.

Ch. 5
Ishmael dresses and goes down to breakfast, commenting on his ability to tell how long each sailor had been on shore.
Ishmael pretends to know everything about people by their complexions and has a skewed sense of what genteel means.

Ch. 6
Ishmael describes the town and its people, saying he's never seen stranger people or a more lavish place.
Ishmael describes New Bedford as a place filled with rich men, young men, and strange people like Queequeg.

Ch. 7
Ishmael goes to a whaleman's chapel and describes how seeing marble tablets of the dead cheer him up.
Ishmael goes to church and we find out that he's slightly suicidal since he's happy when he thinks about death.

Ch. 8
The chaplain, once a whaler, comes in and Ishmael describes his pulpit.
The chaplain enters and Ishmael rambles about the church and pulpits in general.

Ch. 9
The chaplain tells the story of Jonah who was swallowed by a whale before repenting and getting thrown up.
The chaplain gives a moral that not only has a whale in it but will probably be an important thing later on in the story.

Ch. 10
Ishmael and Queequeg become good friends and Ishmael worships an idol.
Ishmael practically falls in love with Queequeg, "worships" his god, and goes to bed with him again.

Ch. 11
Ishmael and Queequeg can't sleep and talk, becoming better friends.
Ishmael and Queequeg have some intimate moments in bed followed by story telling, male bonding, and pillow talk.

Ch. 12
Queequeg's story is told; he wanted to be Christian but realized some Christians are wicked too; they decide to sail together.
Queequeg can't decide what he believes, decides to go whaling with Ishmael, and they go to sleep.

Ch. 13
They get onto their ship after relating stories of cultural misunderstandings and Queequeg saves the greenhorn.
After stories are told Queequeg is made fun of, roughhouses the person, and saves him. Yay!

Ch. 14
Ishmael describes Nantucket and how its people are expert seamen.
Ishmael rambles about Nantucket and how its seamen rule the ocean.

Ch. 15
They get to an inn and after eating supper Queequeg has to leave his harpoon downstairs.
They get to an inn where Ishmael orders himself more soup and Queequeg's harpoon is confiscated.

Ch. 16
Ishmael finds a ship to sail in and learns about Captain Ahab.
Queequeg tells Ishmael to find a ship; he succeeds and learns that his captain has mood swings.

Ch. 17
Ishmael finds his door locked, breaks in, and finds Queequeg in his Ramadan; he doesn't stir til morning.  They talk religion.
Queequeg locks Ishmael out of their room and, after his Ramadan, Ishmael tries to convince him to never do it again.

Ch. 18
Queequeg boards the ship and Ishmael must convince the captains to let him board.  Religious discussion ensues.
Queequeg is almost thrown off the ship for being a cannibal but Ishmael lies his butt off and he's allowed to stay.

Ch. 19
Elijah tells Ishmael about Captain Ahab and, after denouncing Ahab, seems to follow them.
The crazy prophet Elijah tells our heroes bad stories about Ahab, like in the Bible, before stalking them.

Ch. 20
The ship is prepped to leave and Aunt Charity helps everyone on the ship.
As the ship is prepped, partially by a woman named Charity, Ishmael continues to be paranoid about Ahab.

Ch. 21
They got on the ship and stay with someone sleeping til he wakes up; they still don't see Ahab.
On the ship Queequeg sits on a sleeping man and, after he wakes up from their smoking, they learn they are about to leave.

December and other things
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So, for the past two weeks I've been swamped in work.  Like, I haven't watched several of my shows bad.  I always watch my shows as breaks.  Except for this week.  Well, now it seems as if the storm has passed for the most part!  I am so happy about everything that's happening now I can barely contain it.  And just 24 hours ago, everything seemed so difficult.  Well, I weathered the storm and am proud of myself for not once breaking down with the impossibility of it all.  I almost did when I messed up a friend's book but I just stayed calm and it was fixed in a half an hour.  I just worked and worked and worked and got all my work done.  Diligence is a good thing in college.

Also, the bit about December is that I'm going to see my favorite actor in a play on December 28 in NYC, where I've never been before btw, and I might get the chance to meet him afterward.  I'm going to stay with one of my best friends from college and, in return, I got her a ticket as well.  Second row tickets!  I'm going to explore the city by day (and hopefully not go broke in the process of shopping) and meet an idol by night.  Who am I talking about?  You'll know who he is if you can recognize him in the picture for this post.  Yes, I'm going to see and possibly meet Michael Emerson!  You know, the one who just won the Emmy for best male supporting actor for his work in LOST?  I'm so excited!  And trying to convince all my friends not to give my friend or me notes to give to him, either about themselves or embarrasing me.  Yeah.  My friends are great fun.  Thankfully I have one friend that tells me if any notes are given or if my friend going with me says anything to the tune of what she said she was going to say last week that she'll help me with whatever sort of punishment I see fit.  I love you Kelbel!  You are the best! 

Overall, good things are happening again.  Yay!

Another assignment!
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Alright, so, for this assignment, the task was to take one of our short pieces of fiction and create footnotes for people who are living 100 years from now.  This was a little difficult as I didn't know if these future people would have ever heard of a couple of things, so I put them in just to be safe.  Here it is!

Christmas Morning

            Pine needles now took up more of the floor beneath the Christmas tree than presents.  Bits of colored paper littered the floor around the chair he sat in.  There was only one present left beneath it, and it was for him (1).  His sister handed it to him as his three young children watched, all of them wanting to know what was inside it.  He looked at the box before shaking it around like he and his sister used to do when they were kids.  It didn’t make any noise.

            “So, this isn’t a box of garter snakes?” he asked her jokingly.

            “Would I really do that?” she asked, both remembering that day when he was five and she was fifteen.  She stroked her brown wig, making it go slightly off center on her bald head.

            “You know you would,” he said while unwrapping the paper of the present, “You did put that Howard Dean (2) sticker on my car (3) without telling me.”

            “That was a joke,” she said, her eyes narrowing at him.

            “Well, it wasn’t very funny,” he said, finally ridding the box of its protective cover.  He took off the top of the box and couldn’t believe his eyes. 

            “It’s the one our great-grandmother made,” she said gently, “I want you to have it.”  She pulled the quilt (4) up at the corners to show not only that it was real but that she had painstakingly repaired the small holes she herself had made when she had hung it up in her house with staples (5) years ago.  For the year it had hung there, it had constantly reminded him that she had received it instead of him, the quilt his mother used to tuck him in with to protect him from the winter cold.  The whites were still white after over a hundred years, and the maple leaves that covered it were red and orange and gold.  He gently took it out of her hands and held it up himself.

            “Why are you giving this to me?” he asked her, “You love this quilt.”

            “You love it more,” she said. 

He set it down carefully on the table and hugged his only sister’s shrinking frame (6), tears streaming down his face for the first time since their mother had left the quilt to her.



1.      1. In the 20th Century it was common for families who considered themselves or their heritage Christian to celebrate Christmas by buying a pine tree that had been cut down to decorate it with small glass balls and other ornaments and to put presents under it to be opened on Christmas morning.  These presents were wrapped with a thin paper with a tag telling who the present was for and who it was from.  Most of the presents were to and from family members, but some tags said the present was from Santa Clause, a fictional man who brought presents to children all over the world on Christmas Eve and who the children believed in.

2.      2. Howard Dean was a liberal politician from Vermont who was governor there for twelve years and made an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2004.  During one of his speeches for the Democratic nomination, he made a rant that ended with a scream.  This act made him lose a lot of popularity and also led many people to believe he was unfit to be president. 

3.      3. A car is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transporting people from one location to another via roads made of concrete.  It has an engine and usually has four wheels.

4.      4. A quilt is a type of bedding with designs on it, whether they’re simple or complex.  The quilt described above is made from blocks of white fabric contrasted with maple leaves colored red, orange, and gold, alternating these designs in a certain, unspecified pattern.

5.      5. A staple is a type of metal fastener, usually used to hold papers together and also commonly used in construction. 

6.      6. From the description of the sister here, it is evident that she has cancer because of the fact she is wearing a wig and because her body is wasting away.  Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body demonstrate uncontrolled growth, slowly destroying the body in the process.  In this time period, cancer survival rates were increasing, but there was still a good chance of dying from it, especially in older people. 

School year so far
So, I have been at college for over two weeks now.  But here's the thing - I still don't feel settled in.  That is to say, I'm having trouble keeping to a schedule and doing my work first.  Last year this wasn't a problem at all, but this year I'm finding more and more that I'm putting things off to do other things (like right now).  This is a very bad long term plan for a soon to be double French and Creative Writing major, Bio minor, Honors program, and Assistantship student.  I just can't seem to focus like I did last year, or any year before that.  Of course, it could be that I'm still getting to know my roommate and I'm still catching up with friends (this is what I spend most of my free time doing).  But I'm annoyed at my lack of self-discipline right now.  On Sunday night, instead of getting ahead like I would have done last semester, I stayed up until almost 1am watching youtube videos.  I've never had this much trouble focusing before - in high school it was so easy for me to do!  I dunno.  I guess I'll allow myself another week before I start to get really worried.  Maybe my summer mentality is just having issues with moving out of my mind. 


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