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Fin de la France
Eleven days. That's how long it is until I will be home in my own room with my own bed and my cat and my family. It doesn't seem that long, does it? Anyway, onto life news.

I finished nanowrimo!!! I didn't even get to 51,000 but I finished. I wrote the required amount of words in a month. And I am proud of that fact.

I have also noted a change in my personality. I have had plenty of opportunities here to get run down and depressed, and a couple times I have given in (hasn't everyone?) but overall I've noticed a much more positive shift in my thinking. This is very, very, very, very good. I don't think words can do this justice. And not being stressed has led me to calm other, more stressed people down which in turn has made me feel even better. I like how this works.

In other news, my character curse has struck again, but at least it was Cas (my post picture) who killed him and not that demon chick that killed Jo and Ellen. I kind of figured they were going to kill him off, I just hoped that it would be later on in the season.

I also have a million stories fighting for possession of my brain and the strong desire to cook. But like I said, I'll be home soon enough. And I only have a few days left with my dear friend who will hopefully next year be only a few states away instead of a wide ocean so I can kidnap her and show her autumn and winter (REAL autumn and winter) in Vermont.

Gotta go watch tv on the computer now (wait...what?) Catch ya later!


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