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Just another day in France....
Okay, so yesterday there was a strike. This strike was not a minor inconvenience like the writer's strike in the US was. This strike made me walk a good part of the almost two miles back to my host family's house in the cold rain. By the way, I'm sick now (hard to deny when you start hacking whenever you use your vocal chords) so I'm really not happy. But whatever. That was yesterday. On to making this day the best it can be!

Also yesterday I burned my thumb. It's getting better and I really should take the bandage off now that I'm awake, but it reminds me of one of my stories, so I don't really feel like it. Of course, I will soon, but not just yet. Also, let it be known that I'm after a few things - perfume, a ds charger, and tickets to and from Perigueux. I will probably spend money on these things because they are important to study abroad. Other than that, money = gifts, food, and other essential items. But hey, I'm only abroad once. Better enjoy it while I can.


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