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scarletdawn133's Journal

25 March
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Hey! I'm scarletdawn133! Nice to meet you! I live in Vermont but I go to college in Pennsylvania, meaning that I spend about half the year in each state. I have an intelligent father, a mother who is also one of my best friends, three younger brothers, and an adorable cat named Jasmine. I want to become a successful fiction novelist in the years to come. If that fails, I also love biology, playing jazz flute and cooking, and editing isn't bad either. I'm spending this semester abroad in Strasbourg, France. Je parle tres bien francais et je voudrais revenir a Perigeux et Paris pendant que je suis ici (sorry if you didn't get that). Also, I am one of the most obsessive people you will ever meet, bar none. Mention LOST or anything else I'm obsessed with and prepare for a long conversation. :D