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funny, tired
Well hello there Livejournal! Long time, no see! Well, now I'm in France and life is good! Good Omens is one of my new favorite books and time differences are not okay. Cause right now the only reason I'm awake is so I can talk to my mom a bit today and complain about the Emmys. But she's not here so I'll complain to my interwebz. Terry or Michael deserved to win! Oh, well, they each got one Emmy from previous years. That's always good. But LOST totally got gyped this year. Its final year. People who wanted just answers were not true fans of the show, that's all I'm saying.
Another thing, I'm writing again! Yay! I feel guilty when I write in English cause I'm supposed to be doing things in French to learn the language and stuff, but I do like how much I've wanted to write while I've been here. It makes me happy. This will be the year that I finally succeed at Nanowrimo! Now to choose a story that I'll actually finish. Hmmm....
The food here is amazing! Almost everything I've eaten has been fresh and delicious! I loved lunch at that restaurant, that chocolate mousse thing from that patisserie, and almost everything (especially the potatoes) that my host family has cooked. Je l'aime tous!
I'm reading what I've written and realized that I am far too tired to be writing cause my brain is like an explosion of random right now. But, as I say, everything is tired when you're funny.
I'm going to go dream of islands and sexy gamers now. Kay bye!


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